A Shadow Within

Brothers battle in Askabar!

The continent of Askabar is preparing for a battle between two brothers, and the face of the planet may never be the same

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About the Book

The continent of Askabar is preparing for a battle between two brothers, and the face of the planet may never be the same. While Raythum Stormdragon prepares for the confrontation with Lutheras, Jaeden has fallen back into his old habits. The local tavern has become his home, and he’s having a hard time separating right from wrong.

In Shakiel, Lutheras is stuck in a dream world because his body is near death and can no longer support his soul. Eldrin is busy searching for a new host body capable of supporting Lutheras’ soul, but it’s a difficult task considering Lutheras is invading his dreams and he hasn’t slept in weeks. As Eldrin nears insanity, he receives word of the breakthrough they’ve been hoping for.

Days before Raythum is ready to march on Shakiel, he must go with Norlun, Matt, and Jaeden on a last-minute trip to Bahlsum to ensure the safety of the orbs. Jaeden is confronted by someone from his past and learns he’s been living a lie. His loyalty is tested and his actions may decide the course of the war. Time is running out and Jaeden is torn. He has only one night to choose between the safety of his friends, or all of Askabar.

Series: The Keepers of the Orbs, Book 3
Genre: Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
ASIN: 1544224249
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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About the Author
J.G. Gatewood

J.G. Gatewood lives in Parker, CO with his wife Sarah and two sons Branden and Evan. He is the author of five books and one short story. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys crafting his own beer and wine. He also indulges in a fine cigar and a nice glass of scotch from time to time.

J.G. Gatewood is the author of no less than five other novels including The Final Offering, The Unknown Man, The Rising Past, A Shadow Within, and Redemption. J.G.’s latest novel, The Vampire’s Curse, Life Eternal was just published by Isabella Media.

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