Release-Day Review: Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling Trinity #3)

VBC’s Margaret: Memory’s story is reminiscent of a few earlier in the series, particularly Kaleb’s and Sienna’s, though more in a nostalgic way than an “I’ve read this before” way. Add in appearances by Sasha, Hawke and lots of the Snow Dancer wolves and long-time fans are the series are sure to love Wolf Rain.

All Things Romero

This article is going to be something of a potpourri. I’m throwing a bunch of facts into a blender and hitting puree. Then I will take the tasty sauce and use it to spread across the computer screen. Call it a celebration of George Romero, impresario-style. (Actually it’s just a bunch of stuff I need…

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Phil in Bloom

By the time you all read these words, the infamous Corpse Flower named Phil may have bloomed. The smelly plant, named Phil, after former professor of botany Phil Baker, lives at the Department of Biological Sciences at California State University, Long Beach, aka Long Beach State, aka Cal State Long Beach. Phil only blooms once…

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More On That Book Proving Bram Stoker Knew About The Historical Dracula

Revealed by author Dacre Stoker, great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and a gifted storyteller in his own right, Bram Stoker consulted a book entitled ROUMANIA PAST AND PRESENT at the London Library when he was writing his novel DRACULA. This former book makes detailed mention of the historical Dracula, thus proving that Bram *did* know about…

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Bram DID Know Vlad!!!

This changes everything. Let me explain to those who might not understand the implications why this is such a big deal. Those of us who love the connection between the fictional Count Dracula and the historical Vlad Dracula have had to concede, ever since the discovery of Bram Stoker’s notes for DRACULA the novel, that…

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Walkers and Wights

Everybody is talking about GAME OF THRONES right at the moment. Admittedly they are bitching, but that still counts as talking. (Man, you GAME OF THRONES fans *really* hated that series finale, didn’t you?) As this is likely the last opportunity I will have to talk about the subject and still be timely, I will…

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